Ultimate Caffe Supplies Limited


Water Coolers


Ultimate Caffé Supplies Ltd can supply a bottled water cooler providing ambient and cold water at just £15+VAT a quarter. This works out at only £1.25 a week and only 18p a day!! Our water coolers are sanitised very 3 months so to have this cost incorporated into your quarterly payments it would cost you £30+vat per quarter.

Our National Forest Bottled Spring Water is priced at £6.00 per 18.5ltr bottle and No Deposits for empties are required.

We can also supply our POU plumbed in water coolers at a cost of just £25 a Month, this also includes all sanitisations and filter changes.

With all machines any service or maintenance required during rental is FREE unless machines are damaged though misuse and abuse.

All machines are offered on a NO Contract Basis and are invoiced every quarter. You do have to keep the water cooler for 12 months but there is no limit to how many bottles of water you take per month.

If you are interested and require any assistance then call 01623 412607.